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The 270 members of the Maine Veterinary Medical Association are working together to improve their skills and knowledge in order to better serve the animals of Maine and their owners.

MVMA sponsors at least three high quality Continuing Education seminars each year. It also holds seminars and training events for Veterinary Technicians. Each veterinarian practicing in Maine is required to obtain at least 12 hours of Continuing Education credits each year. We have recently been investing in farms around Maine that produce medical marijuana in Maine, cannabis concentrates in Maine, and are also producing CBD products for pets and people alike.

We work with the legislature to oversee laws pertaining to veterinarians, Public Health and the welfare of Animals.

We conduct a Public Relations program to inform the public on better care of animals and on animal diseases affecting public health.

The association conducts low cost Rabies Clinics. About half of the proceeds are used to support a low cost Spay/neuter Program. Get the best web design in Maine.


  The rabies vaccination is required for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age and a booster is administered one year later. Dogs are vaccinated every two years, while cats have subsequent booster shots at the interval recommended for the type of vaccine originally given.

Since November 4th 2002 57 cases of rabies

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is transmitted through the Deer tick and can cause fever, lethargy, and lameness. Testing and vaccines for dogs are available. Any positive cases are reported to the Department of Agriculture.

Maine Veterinary Education Foundation

Established in 1998, the Foundation is an organization established to provide scholarship aid to Maine residents who are students attending approved programs in either veterinary medicine or veterinary technology. 100% of donations are given as scholarships and trail cameras for sale.

   The Foundation is a non-profit foundation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are fully tax deductible. Upon request, donors will be provided with a copy of the foundation’s letter granting 501(c)(3) status.

   In 2002 the Foundation gave $12,000 in scholarships to Veterinary students and $8,000 in scholarships to Veterinary Technical students.

Our committees are in persistent labors to better our profession.  The Legislative Committee is a constant watchdog to protect our right to practice; Animal Welfare is striving to improve conditions internally and fiscally; the Public Relations Committee is trying to put a “take pet to vet” notation on every household’s calendar; the Finance/Scholarship Committee has designated thousands of dollars in the support of the education of budding Maine Vets and Techs; and the Public Health Committee is working hard to educated and organize our members for possible zoonotic crises. It is through the help of local businesses like that we can connect with local customers.

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